About Online Business Company


We are a business blog for marketing, promoting, reviewing and advertising products & businesses big or small, and everything in-between. Your online business company, product or service can benefit from search engine visibility, increase traffic or acquire more customers for your online business.

Our requirements are simple, see below requirements:
  1. Provide Business Name + Banner/Logo Image (800px or less)
  2. Provide SEO Content/Description describing your online business
  3. A working link to our online business website (URL Address)
List of businesses types we promote (dedicated channel or website required):
  • Artist promoting/selling artwork
  • Performer/Entertainer/Musician/DJ
  • Entrepreneur
  • Author promoting/selling Book (or audible book)
  • Inventor
  • Start Up – Website, Web Apps, Mobile Apps
  • Game Developer (Browser or Mobile)
  • Firms/Consultants/Agencies
  • E-Commerce/Products
  • Online Delivery Services
  • Online Labor Services (i.e.Tree cutting, Cleaning, Plumbing, Construction)
  • Social Media influencers

If your business type isn’t listed above, please let us know by contacting us.

We don’t post anything illegal (or any sexual content).

Product Reviews

We provide products and services that may help serve as a resource in growing your business. We are putting in some of our own work to provide useful resources to help your business thrive, grow and succeed.


Online Business Company was formed to inspire, support and recognize small local businesses. If you are inspired to start an online business of your own but don’t yet have a website please take the time to browse through our Resource category or contact us.