Leaf It Be

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Our menu is inspired by my childhood memories of waking up to the aroma of fried garlic, onions, and tomatoes on a Saturday morning. From the kitchen window, I remember watching my father use a large machete to cut down long banana leaves in our backyard. After the leaves were cleaned and trimmed, he used these leaves to encase a serving of rice and meat. The essence of the banana leaf infused the rice, and it was ready to eat. As my mother, father, sisters, and I would sit around the table and unwrap our delicate packages, I remember the excitement of our Saturday tradition, and felt thankful for the opportunity to experience my culture at my fingertips through a traditional technique.

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Online Business SNOICE SD

Snoice is a dessert shop that specializes in premium boba teas, customizable halo-halos, and Taiwanese inspired shaved snow. The San Diego based boba shop offers several options to get your boba fix during these times. We’ve recently expanded our ordering system to include curbside pickup, phone orders, and increased social distancing precautions for to-go orders.

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Hello there! My name is Maria “Ria” Encina, owner and decorator of Just Cake M.E. I never imagined I would become a cake decorator, but I managed to mix both my love for cooking and Art through this hobby. I love to watch the Food network and one of my favorite shows was Ace of Cakes. I immediately fell in love with the show because I admired all the amazing artists who worked for this shop and the wonderful cakes they came up with. It was only a matter of time until I got the idea to start making one of my own. It started out as gifts for my friends and not long after that, I started getting real order requests and before I knew it, this hobby became a small business!

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