Q: Is Online Business Company a business directory?
A: OBC can certainly be categorized as so, since we provide a search functionality to search for any business listed on our site. We differ from other business directories in that we are structured as a business blog in which we manage the content on the business’ behalf.

Q: What’s with the layout, why a blog roll?
A: We are a business blog so currently we are keeping the blog roll layout. This allows for content to be fairly distributed based on active (or recent) posts or paid Ad space.

Q: Ad space? Is this how you make money?
A: Ad space is one way of promoting an online business, we believe it’s a fair trade. We list any relevant advertisement that may serve as a resource in growing your online business.

Q: I don’t think my business is big enough to be on your site.
A: We actually prefer small businesses, we believe our site can serve a much greater purpose and impact.

Q: So all we need is a banner, content and link to our online business website and were good to go?
A: Yup, simple as that.

Q: Does it cost to have our website posted on Online Business Company?
A: At the moment there is no cost, however as demand increases this is subject to change. We may require a small fee in the future but for now it’s free.

Q: I don’t have a website for my online business, I need help.
A: We are part of a huge network of businesses that can assist you with that. Send us a message and we can point you in the right direction.

Q: I already have my site on dozens of directories including Yelp, Google Places, etc. Why post here?
A: If you are already getting a lot of traffic and don’t need any additional exposure then we understand. However, you can still inspire small businesses and entrepreneurs by showcasing your business here.

Q: What if my online business is already posted on your site and I want to make updates, is that free of charge?
A: If it’s a simple update, there is no charge. A simple update includes a banner image, content, and/or link replacement. If it’s complicated it would be obvious and this case we can determine a suitable fee.