Leaf It Be

Our menu is inspired by my childhood memories of waking up to the aroma of fried garlic, onions, and tomatoes on a Saturday morning. From the kitchen window, I remember watching my father use a large machete to cut down long banana leaves in our backyard. After the leaves were cleaned and trimmed, he used these leaves to encase a serving of rice and meat. The essence of the banana leaf infused the rice, and it was ready to eat. As my mother, father, sisters, and I would sit around the table and unwrap our delicate packages, I remember the excitement of our Saturday tradition, and felt thankful for the opportunity to experience my culture at my fingertips through a traditional technique.

As I grew older, I understood that it wasn’t just about the yummy food I enjoyed, but it was also about the method of serving, the tradition of meals together, and the authenticity of my upbringing, and culture that I cherished.

This is what Leaf It B. is serving you. A traditionally prepared mix of Islander/Asian fusion food, wrapped in a eco-friendly, and fully compostable cone, for your modern enjoyment.

We also focus on tradition, authenticity, and community, which is why we use fully compostable materials to wrap, serve, and eat our food with. Each banana leaf cone that encompasses the food comes with a utensil made of birch wood. When done with your meal, these items can simply be disposed of in the compost bin. Our waste takes a mere 2-4 weeks to decompose in a commercial composting plant. Which is seconds compared to the years it takes for a plastic fork or spoon to decompose. Consumer responsibility, and sustainability are in the forefront of Leaf It B’s vision. We believe in the value of our world and the sustainability of our community and our customers, in addition to enjoying cultural diversity in our food. That’s why our mission is: